About us

S.F.T. designs and trades high-quality fabrics for clothing and accessories, customised according to customer requirements.

S.F.T., a division of Sampietro S.r.l., sells finished fabrics — plain, jacquard, piece-dyed, yarn-dyed, firm and stretch, printed — for women’s and men’s clothing, ceremonies, accessories and beachwear.

The craftsmanship skills that have characterised Como’s silk excellence over the years are skilfully combined with research and experimentation into new yarns and weaving, warping and printing techniques to offer innovative, original, top-quality fabrics that can be customised to meet specific customer requirements.

Thanks to Sampietro’s fully verticalized structure, the competence and creativity of its in-house design staff and its attention to market trends, S.F.T. offers a top-quality Made in Italy product, made to measure for the customer.

S.F.T. works with the main brands and international groups, making available its style office, its historical textile archive and its collections to study and develop, in close contact with the customer, unique and original fabrics.

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